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Joining the project

Intercet is an operational tool of the GIONHA Project for sharing and network management of geo-referenced data related to populations of cetaceans and sea turtles in the Mediterranean

To take part in Intercet it is required to provide some data essential for the purposes of the project; they must be provided following the standardised procedures that guarantee the good quality of the collected data.

More specifically it is necessary to produce:

  • survey tracks (recorded by GPS) and the data associated to survey tracks;

  • the GPS coordinates of sighting points of the target species and associated data (species, number, other things);

  • photographic images to assist in identification of the species and the individuals.

Sharing the data on the Intercet platform does not involve any change in the ownership of the data. Any use of the data shared on the Intercet platform, other than that foreseen by the platform itself, must be formally authorized by the respective owner.

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